We’re a group of 5 girls in their senior years at The Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas.



Jenny Zhu

Jenny is an avid journalist for the Hockaday Fourcast, which she considers her second family. Besides the newspaper, she’s also a fruit tea aficionado who loves sherpa blankets and the show Project Runway Junior.





Amy Jia

Amy loves to read, write, and travel, and also enjoys competitive rowing and debate. She hopes to become a pediatrician when she grows up and provide medical services to impoverished children around the world.





Wendy Ho

Sleeping is among Wendy’s top ten favorite things to do. Actually, it’s among her top one favorite things to do. She also enjoys drawing, reading, and watching documentaries, though being a junior has severely limited her the amount of time she spends doing those things.




Brenda Lee

Brenda is a junior who loves art and biology. She likes graphic design and is having fun in learning how to code!






Jessica Wang

Jessica loves baking and cooking in her time. She also loves the show Friends more than anything in the world, and also loves drinking coconut water!


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